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1405 Ben Sawyer Blvd Ste 103
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Welcome to Charsenal!


We have some excellent member benefits this 2016/17 season for those who would like to make a $20 donation to help support Charsenal. This year’s benefits include:

  • Charsenal Mug Club. Have your very own personalized Charsenal mug behind the bar and ready to fill during any match. 
  • A free pint for every four (4) Arsenal matches you attend throughout the season. 
  • 10% off your My Father’s Moustache tab any time.
  • Chance to win special Charsenal Member giveaways.

Your contribution will help offset ongoing costs our branch incurs each season (e.g. maintaining, marketing, Charsenal swag for display /periodic merchandise giveaways, and various other expenses that help to grow our branch). 

Please complete this form, bring it to a match, and turn it in to a member of Charsenal leadership (Kelly, Travis, or Stan).

You may also sign up online here.

Your information will never be shared or otherwise used for any purpose other than contact information for Charsenal communications. We will NOT maintain any sort of profit from this contribution or from the sale of merchandise. Proceeds (if any) will be completely reinvested into the Branch operating budget.

Charsenal is independent of The Arsenal Football Club PLC (Company no: 109244) and its associated and group companies, and has no authority to bind, contract or negotiate on its behalf.