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Liverpool Match Is the Season’s Lynchpin (for Now)


By Daniel Brock

(@rockandbrock / @charsenewenger)

The largely stagnant draw with Manchester United was neither a fantastic display nor result. Our attack was tepid and most of the midfield static.

The entire affair was lukewarm. The footballing equivalent of gruel.

Please, sir, may I NOT have some more.

Arsene put the performance down to nerves.  I’d suggest running players ragged (necessitated by a lack of reinforcements) probably had something to do with it, as well.

So, it wasn't a bellowing response to the Liverpool beat down, but on the positive side, we regrouped defensively, Mesut Ozil put in a spirited shift and we got a point.

With 12 games left, the title is up for grabs between five sides, and I suspect there will be high drama and ridiculous results in the weeks ahead.

The Liverpool match on Sunday, however, has much greater feel of immediacy to it. There is unquestionably much on the line, possibly our entire season.

There for the taking are a spot in the FA Cup quarterfinals and a quick response to the evisceration at Anfield. Win and we might just kick on for some silverware. (Especially considering Chelsea or Man City will be exiting the competition shortly.)

In the cataclysmic category is the possibility that we devastatingly get put to the sword for the second time in a week by the Scousers and lose what’s likely our best shot at taking anything from the season. (And, good heavens, the bloody carnage that would take place on Twitter.)

At my most optimistic, I can barely see us getting a result from the Bayern match next week, but coming off 5-1, a home draw and being dumped out of the FA Cup, prospects would be radioactive-wasteland bleak.

It is, as they say, up for grabs now. Well, on Sunday.

Notes and Observations:
- We need to talk about Jack.
- Donde esta Podolski?
- We're one off the top.
- We're six off fifth.
- “Two Shoes” Flamini is coming back (HUGE for the Liverpool tie)
- We’ve got fewer runners than an understaffed restaurant.